Pertitschach 36
9074 Keutschach/Austria
T: +43 (0)664 619 7045

Network Partner

In accordance with SANISTRA's philosophy of creating sustained company viability through universal/holistic and operational involvement, we maintain close working relationships with our longstanding network of select partners.  Our highest objective is the optimization of the cost/benefit- ratio for our customers.  The smooth collaboration with specialists increases the efficiency of our projects and doubles as a resource pool for the constant exchange of ideas and knowledge.  SANISTRA cooperates with experts from the following areas:
  • Banks
  • Investors
  • Attorneys
  • Insolvency Administrators
  • Tax Accountants/Auditors
  • (Industry) Experts in Special Areas
  • Interim Managers
  • Systemic executive development and team building (executive coaching and mentoring, development of leadership competence)
  • Systemic organisational development and change management
  • Prevention of burnout and stress / treatment of acute cases

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