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Distressed Investing

The financing of the reorganization and the subsequent going concern is a core concern of company crises.  Upon request and in collaboration with investors SANISTRA prepares alternative scenarios to classic operational reorganization and as such offers entrepreneurs an additional opportunity to resolve their situation.

The old/new owner has a strong driving force in his/her organization from the onset through our active involvement in the turnaround phase and our taking control over all success critical company departments during the restructuring process.
The model applied in this case is „Integrated Reorganization“and was developed by SANISTRA and well known financial investors.  The model can be adapted to meet the requirements of individual projects.

The objective is the utilization of synergies of our reorganization involvement (by means of turnaround experts) and the injection of equity (through strategic or finance investors).  In conjunction this results in a significant value add for the entrepreneur and the participating bank(s).

We would gladly provide you with more detailed information.
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