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SUSTAINABLE CORPORATE WEALTHOur objective is ....safeguarding sustainable going concern!

The SANISTRA team is specialized in reorganization and restructuring of SME's who are suffering from acute economic distress.  Banks, tax accountants/auditors, attorneys, insolvency administrators and financial investors place their trust in our expertise and competence in the preparation of sound analyses of going concern scenarios, in our ability to implement prepared reorganization measures in organizations, and finally in the stabilizing effect our involvement has on a company after the turnround.

Active action instead of passive reaction
We offer our customers and cooperation partners solid backing during the implementation of the targeted operational reorganization of a company and underscore our intention to provide a sustainable company turnaround through our success-related remuneration models.  Fair weather consulting, number games, as well as impractical concepts published on high-gloss paper clearly do not belong to our approach.  SANISTRA analyzes, decides, and implements all required measures necessary to achieve the desired targets!

Holistic/universal reorganization from one source
Principally, complex challenges should be addressed by means of relevant experience, intelligent creativity, and in-house expertise.  Our experts assume responsibility for the essential areas of a functioning business operation and draw on the experience of closely affiliated specialists to address legal, fiscal and organization challenges.  In concert with private and institutional investors you have a strong partner in SANISTRA for holistic/universal company reorganizations!