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Company Reorganization and Restructuring

Principally, complex challenges should be addressed by means of sound experience, intelligent creativity and in-house experience.  These are the pillars of our proven reorganization approach, however when we use the synonym "solution" we always mean a well thought through conception based on day-to-day practice and most notably the quick operational implementation of the solution.  

To achieve this the prerequisites include discipline paired with transparency regarding the contribution of all the participants.  Indispensable immediate measures are completed in the analysis phase, to stop the loss of liquidity as quickly as possible, which is usually acute, and to achieve a stabilizing effect on day-to-day business. 

“The recognition that "a" fantastic idea does not translate to the recovery of the entire company is significant, moreover many small steps and consistent actions are required to achieve sustainable success!"
Long-term and multifaceted expertise in all essential areas of a functioning company (strategy, purchasing, sales, financing, and controlling) is required in the conceptual and implementation phases.  The structuring of an adequate organization structure, the leading by example and implementation of an effective leadership/management culture and the core process optimization are included in our standard active reorganization offering.

SANISTRA - Your partner for sustainable company reorganizations!

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