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9074 Keutschach/Austria
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Reorganization work is difficult because it addresses the root problems a company is experiencing

SANISTRA attacks problems at their root and as such creates new fertile soil for the positive rehabilitation of the diseased company.

The company name SANISTRA is derived from the Spanish words SANIdad (health) and STRAtegia (strategy).  In conjunction with the corporate claim SUSTAINABLE CORPORATE WEALTH, our name describes our thought and work process.

The objective is to rehabilitate companies utilizing an operational and strategic approach to achieve sustainable goodwill. 

We view a company as an organism, a collaboration of individuals and their well-being as critical for the health and in turn the performance of the company as a whole.  

Tactful Dialog
Exhausted energy reserves paired with psychic stress very often characterize the first impression of a company and/or its employees in crisis.  The financial statement reflects the mood of the company executives, failed restructuing attempts and the financial statements over a period of years tells the true story of the economic difficulties a company has been experiencing.  Consequence and appropriate sensitivity are the essential success factors in reorganization management.  

Clear the air - let everyone know where they stand
From the initial contact forward our customers receive honest feedback in regard to the company situation/position, the causes of the crisis as well as the likelihood of a successful turnaround.  Even if the feedback is oftentimes difficult to take, it is the only real basis for intense and exacting reorganization work.  In the final analysis, mutual trust is indispensable for a team to pull together and act in a unified manner!

The end result defines success
SANISTRA acts as an active accompanist / guide and not as a passive consultant!  In our view the catalog of measures only has value if it is implemented and becomes reality – we see this as our most important and decisive task in our role as reorganization managers - our main goal is a sustainable turnaround.

Responsible, heartfelt commitment
Our work is usually a company's last chance to ensure positive going concern – we are well aware of this responsibility and act accordingly, we take our work seriously and view the challenge we face as if it was our own organization's last chance.  You can count on our unconditional commitment!

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